Josie McClard: Testing & Marketing Coordinator


Josie McClard

Ms. Josie McClard is Peace of Mind Psychological Service’s Testing and Marketing Coordinator. She is dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of mental health. Her commitment to compassion and humility shines through her work, and her father serves as a guiding mentor in leading with these values.

Ms. McClard’s simple yet effective strategy helps her stay on top of her responsibilities, including marketing, scoring testing documents, scheduling testing and feedback sessions, and completing testing authorizations. Through these duties, Josie plays a crucial role in ensuring clients receive the support they need.

As a full-time grad student juggling her studies and work, she takes pride in her determination to balance both. Her passion for mental health advocacy, particularly for underserved communities, drives her to make a difference in her role.

Ms. McClard is motivated by knowing that her actions have a meaningful impact on others. The best compliment she’s ever received was when someone recognized her intentionality in everything she does, a testament to her dedication and purpose.

On a typical workday, Ms. McClard starts by prioritizing tasks, aiming to complete important assignments while maintaining a schedule for clients requiring testing or feedback. She diligently follows up on insurance authorizations and contributes to the growth of her organization by creating compelling marketing materials.

Her best skills are her creativity and her desire to help others, making her an invaluable team member. Her personal motto is, “We can do hard things.” It reminds her that challenges can be overcome with determination and perseverance.

Join us at Peace of Mind Psychological Services to illuminate your path to a happier, healthier, and empowered you. Together, we can uplift the world, one step at a time.


Outside of work, Josie McClard, nurtures her well-being through yoga, with aspirations of becoming a certified instructor in the future. On Sunday mornings, she indulges in a peaceful cup of coffee, diving into her grad school work, which embodies her dedication and commitment to personal growth.

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