Bria Harris: Child Therapist


Bria Harris, LPC

Ms. Bria Harris is a child therapist whose passion for mental wellness shines through her work. As an individual and family counseling expert, her approach is informative and compassionate, providing hope and guidance for those seeking assistance with mental health issues through individual and family counseling.

Ms. Harris’ career achievements are impressive, with her most significant accomplishment being receiving her Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) designation. Her deep-rooted care for child and adolescent mental health, accessibility and cultural relevance of mental health services for Black and Brown youth, school-based mental health, and mental health and the Christian faith drives her to be an agent of change in the field.

Kind, compassionate, and driven are the three words that capture Ms. Bria Harris’ essence. Her colleagues would describe her as a kind and hard-working individual. In line with her resilient spirit, Bria’s personal motto is “Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud,” inspired by the words of Maya Angelou.

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Ms. Bria Harris’s day typically starts with prayer or reading her Bible, essential practices that give her strength and hope for the day ahead. When she isn’t serving her clients, she enjoys spending time on personal hobbies like hand letting and calligraphy. Her passion for her faith drives her to attend church on Sunday mornings, which she cherishes as a meaningful experience.

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