Marian Franklin: Office Manager


Marian Franklin

Marian Franklin is an empathetic and dynamic Office Manager dedicated to ensuring efficiency and effectiveness within the office. Mrs. Franklin focuses on managing operations, coordinating tasks, and supporting various departments; Marian’s daily duties are fueled by a passion for fostering teamwork and inspiring personal and professional growth.

Mrs. Franklin finds motivation in personal and leadership growth. She strives to positively impact by creating a collaborative environment where individuals can thrive. Her ability to adapt and handle unexpected challenges is crucial in maintaining office productivity and supporting the entire team.

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Marian’s motto is to embrace the journey, empower oneself, and inspire others. Outside of work, Marian enjoys interior design. You can usually find her engaging in praise, prayer, relaxation, and preparation for the week ahead on Sunday mornings. Marian is known as a kind-hearted, humorous individual who offers honest advice and always lends a helping hand.

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