Dr. Tanisha Johnson,

Radiating Positivity and Empowering Growth


Dr. Tanisha Johnson, EdD, LPC. NCC

Dr. Tanisha Johnson is a beacon of hope and positivity in therapy. With her warm smile and compassionate spirit, Dr. Johnson shines a light on personal growth and empowerment. She’s a clinician who exudes positive energy and embraces collaboration, making complex topics easily understandable. Dr. Johnson’s passion for helping others navigate their healing and self-discovery journey creates a safe and nurturing space for her clients. Her genuine helpfulness and kindness leave a lasting impression, spreading love and empathy everywhere she goes.

Dr. Johnson’s expertise includes assessments, diagnosing, treatment planning, therapeutic interventions, crisis intervention, psychoeducation, and session documentation. With her extensive knowledge and continuous professional development, Dr. Johnson provides practical, evidence-based interventions tailored to clients’ needs. Her days are filled with purposeful sessions with clients, reflecting on their transformative journeys, and preparing for teaching engagements.

Join Dr. Tanisha Johnson’s uplifting community, celebrating growth, resilience, and positivity. With her collaborative approach and empowering guidance, she’ll help you tap into your true potential and embrace a brighter future. Let Dr. Johnson be your guiding light on your self-discovery and transformational journey. There’s no limit to what you can achieve with Dr. Johnson by your side. Start your transformative journey today with Peace of Mind Psychological Services’ Dr. Tanisha Johnson. Let’s create a world filled with kindness, genuine help, and boundless empathy.


Beyond her professional pursuits, Dr. Johnson possesses hidden talents that often surprise those who know her. She finds joy in writing and crafting captivating bedtime stories for her children. Additionally, her artistic flair shines through in her talent for designing exquisite bridal bouquets.

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