Ms. Elissa Chaplin,

Balancing Priorities With Flexibility


Elissa Chaplin, LSW

Elissa Chaplin, LSW, is a therapist whose empathetic and empowering approach is a beacon of hope for those seeking mental wellness. Ms. Chaplin’s role involves providing therapy, supporting children in expressing their feelings and learning to communicate, helping clients navigate life changes and stress, and building self-esteem.

Ms. Chaplin’s most-used productivity hack involves creating lists and learning how to prioritize tasks by urgency, all while allowing for flexibility in her schedule. She takes pride in being a first-generation graduate and one of the 18% of Latinas with a master’s degree. This accomplishment is a testament to her resilience and determination.

She is motivated by seeing families and children make strides and progress in their work goals. She understands that progress isn’t always linear and finds fulfillment in celebrating wins, both big and small, with her clients.

As a therapist, Ms. Chaplin’s best skills include empathy, playfulness, a solution-focused approach, role-playing and communication skills, and behavioral interventions. She describes herself as resilient, warm, and organized, attributes that her colleagues would likely recognize.

Embodying the belief that mistakes are learning opportunities, Ms. Chaplin’s personal motto reflects her understanding and compassionate nature, which is fundamental to her approach as a therapist.

Join us at Peace of Mind Psychological Services to illuminate your path to a happier, healthier, and empowered you. Together, we can uplift the world, one step at a time.


Ms. Chaplin enjoys reading and exploring her city outside of her professional endeavors. Still, her true joy comes from spending time with her toddler, who has a penchant for climbing, jumping, and helping out in the kitchen.

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