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Decade-long journey mastering the art of mental wellness.


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Over a thousand journeys to joy, guided by our caring team.


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Supporting your path to inner peace for over a decade and couting.

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Meet your cheer team! At Peace of Mind Psychological Services, we are all about helping you find joy and resilience in life.

We understand each person is unique, and so are their challenges. Our mission is to help clients with “finding peace in every circumstance” by serving the entire family.Thatʼs why our approach is tailored to fit you. Dr. Brianna Gaynor leads our team with warmth and wisdom, making sure you feel heard and valued. Together, weʼll explore ways to help you cope with tough times and celebrate the good ones too. Weʼre not just about talk; weʼre about transformation. Whether itʼs one-on-one or in groups, weʼre by your side, lighting the way to a brighter, happier you. Ready to shine? Weʼre here for it!

Our dedicated mental health professionals are more than just experts—they are your partners in growth. Each brings a wealth of knowledge and a heart full of empathy to guide you through every step towards mental wellness. Get to know the faces behind your journey to joy.

Dr. Brianna Gaynor, Psy.D

Director & Psychologist

Ellen Pierce, Ed.S, LPC

Mental Health Professional

LaTonya Bell, MA, LPC

Mental Health Professional

Mei Zhao, MS



Mental Health Professional

Dr. Tanisha Johnson, EdD, LPC. NCC

Mental Health Professional

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Child Therapist

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Our Resources page offers a variety of resources for individuals seeking assistance with mental health and personal growth. The resources cover topics such as mood disorders, trauma and grief, behavior management, self-esteem, foster care and divorce, autism and Asperger’s disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and coping during a pandemic.